Flexible Seating Reflections

Otto Storage Stools in a classroom

Flexible Seating has become very popular in classrooms around the country in the past years. A lot of teachers have embraced this new trend and haven’t looked back. It is usually a “journey” and doesn’t happen over night. And, as with all transitions to new set-ups, it is not all “smooth sailing”.

Mary, the blogger behind Teaching with a Mountain View has written an extensive blog post telling about her process implementing flexible seating in her classroom. And, because she’s started flexible seating a while back, she’s actually writing about how this all worked out, what she and her students learned in the process and what didn’t work out.

She is discussing the pros and cons of flexible seating, shares a lot of classroom pictures to explain about her set up and how she keeps organized and she is answering a bunch of questions she has been asked frequently over the past months in regards, to her flexible seating arrangement. Plus she has links to all her seating options and where to purchase them.

To read to full blog post, please follow this link: Flexible Seating Reflections