Flexible Seating 101

We love sharing great blog posts from teachers that have a lot of experience in regards to flexible seating. This particular blog post can be found on Hello Fifth which comes highly recommended. This is what Jill has to say about her flexible seating classroom:

I allow my kids to move.  A lot.  In fact, I closely monitor the time I ask them to be working and break it up with movement.  If you walked into my class tomorrow, there would be kids (my beloved fifth graders) pretty much everywhere.  We sprawl out on the counters, we stand, we lay, and we take up a lot of space.  AND THAT IS SO GOOD.  It literally fills my heart with pride when a student KNOWS that he will do better on a quiz if sitting at a traditional desk or if a student crawls under a desk to read because she needs a distraction-free space.  Don’t we all want our kids to truly know these things about who they are as learners?

Follow this link to read the full blog post: https://www.hellofifth.com/2019/04/flexible-seating-101.html

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