The Otto Storage GiveBack Program

We are so excited to finally be launching our new Otto Storage GiveBack Program during Teacher Appreciation Week 2018!

From now on we will be donating 1 Otto Storage Stool for every 10 Otto Storage Stools sold through our website.

This is meant as a big whooping THANK YOU to the hard working teaching community out there making a difference in their students life every single day.

We know that a lot of teachers would like to start Flexible Seating in their classrooms as they know their students would benefit from that kind of learning environment. We also know that a lot of schools lack the funds to provide extra furniture for such projects and often students who need it most lose out.

Since our Otto Storage Stools have been received so well by the teaching community and we had a lot of wonderful feedback we felt it was time to give something back in return.

These donations are not meant as “hand outs”, they are meant as a heartfelt “Thank you” to each and every teacher out there!

We do know this is just a small project but we believe it is the right thing to do. As the saying goes, every journey starts with the first step. And who knows where this project will take us?

Please tell your teacher friends about our program and encourage them to register, if they are eligible and teach at a (schoolwide) Title 1 school.

We will adapt and adjust the program as we go along, this is totally new territory for us as well and we as a company will need to work out the finer details as we progress.

We have put together a dedicated GiveBack Program FAQ section to answer all possible questions and explain the program in detail.

If you have ideas and suggestions to make this better – let us know, we always appreciate your feedback. Write to [email protected]

4 thoughts on “The Otto Storage GiveBack Program

  1. Kim Satterwhite says:

    I’ve been doing flexible seating for 3 years in my first grade classroom. I LOVE it and have been wanting to add these Otto storage stools!!! I would love to win one!!

  2. Cheryl Ismail says:

    I am a teacher who has implemented flexible seating in my classroom. My dream of flexible seating options are big but my budget is not lol. My goal this summer is to figure out some storage issues that I had the previous year and these Otto storage bins would be great!

  3. Jamie Reid says:

    I would love to have a free stool for my classroom! Not only are they awesome for flexible seating options, I love how bright they are!

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