Otto Storage GiveBack Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
You are eligible to register, if you’re a full-time educator employed at a United States public school, charter school, or Head Start center. You must work directly with students at least 75% of the time. Your school must be Title 1 approved and Title 1 status must be schoolwide. The school must be located on mainland US. If your classroom gets picked for a donation, we will crosscheck any information given to make sure you are fully eligible.
How do I find out if I won?
You will receive an e-mail. We will also display winners on "Classrooms Hall of Fame" (only if consent has been given during registration)
What happens after I’ve been told I won?
We will confirm your shipping details and let you know if we can send you the preferred design & color or something different (if you have agreed to that option).
When will I receive the Otto Storage Stools?
Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery
How often does Otto Storage pick classrooms?
Once a month, at the end of each month.
How many Otto Storage Stools are donated per classroom?
2 Otto Storage Stools per classroom
How often can I apply per calendar year?
You can apply once per calendar year and will stay in the pool for the whole calendar year
How does the program work?
  • Otto Storage will donate 1 Otto Storage Stool for every 10 Otto Storage Stools sold through its website.
  • Eligible teachers (see “who can apply”) can register for a donation.
  • Registration is possible at any time.
  • Once registered you stay in the pool for the whole of the calendar year you registered in.
  • At the end of each month Otto Storage randomly picks teachers from the pool, depending on the amount of donations for that month. The amount of Otto Storage Stools donated each month depends on the amount of monthly sales through the website.
  • If you are picked, we will crosscheck any information given to make sure you are fully eligible for a donation.
  • Otto Storage reserves the right to change or terminate the Otto Storage GiveBack Program at any time without notice.
Shipping costs & tracking?
There are no shipping costs to mainland US shipping addresses. If your classroom has been picked, you will receive tracking information once the Otto Storage Stools have shipped.
What if I don’t want my classroom/school to be featured in the Classrooms Hall of Fame?
It is not mandatory to appear in the "Classrooms Hall of Fame" in case you receive a donation – but we greatly appreciate it, if you agree to for your school and classroom/school to be featured.
What if I only want specific Otto Storage Stools (design & color)?
The classrooms that will receive donations will be picked randomly. If we don’t have enough stock of the preferred design and color choice and the box “I’m ok with any Otto Storage Stool” has NOT been ticked, the classroom will stay to the pool for another chance.
Do I have to send a photo afterwards if I receive Otto Storage Stools?
It is not mandatory to send a photo afterwards, but we greatly appreciate it if you do as we would like to feature your classroom in our "Classroom Hall of Fame". PLEASE NOTE: By submitting a photograph, you represent that verifiable written permission has been obtained from the parent of any student in said photograph, and that this use of the photograph complies with that permission and any school and school district regulations.