Meet our Otto Storage Brand Ambassadors for 2018!

This autumn we are embarking on a brand new adventure, together with 4 fabulous ladies, our new Otto Storage Brand Ambassadors. They will  test drive our Otto Storage Stools and tell you what they think of them – honestly and without sugarcoating their opinions.

Each month we will have a “Brand Ambassador of the Month” who will be sharing images, videos and most importantly their thoughts about our Otto Storage Stools: how they use them, what they like about them, what they maybe don’t like about them, and if they’d recommend their friends to  get one.

We might see hacks, insider tips, customization ideas or Otto Storage Stool fails – we don’t know yet and are super excited for this project to start.

We will feature all our Ambassadors regularly on our social media channels and here on our website. Each Ambassador will get a chance to present themselves and to tell us a little bit about who they are and what they do.

Say hello to:

Elizabeth from @4thgradeunicorns

Elizabeth is based in Minneapolis (or as she calls it “Land of Many Lakes”), teaches 4th grade, is a Kid Lit Enthusiast and a Donors Choose Screener.

She has a beautiful, fully flexible seating classroom and she plans to customize her Otto Storage Stools with Cricut designs – we can’t wait to see that!

Read Elizabeth’s Brand Ambassador Interview here

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Shannon from @miss_pipines_classroom

Just like Otto Storage, Shannon is based in New Jersey. She teaches 3rd grade, loves anyting sunflower, runs on coffee and carbs and loves travelling. She just started her 4th year of teaching is in the process of incorporating flexible seating in her classroom. 

Read Shannon’s Brand Ambassador Interview here


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Michelle from @thecolorfulteacher

Based in Illinois, Michelle teaches 2nd grade, loves math and flexible seating. She is also RCA Slide Certitified (click here to find out what the means) and Teaches like a Pirate.

She’s really into books and her dog has its own Instagram account @cooper_the_boxerdog  

We can’t wait to hear what she and students think of the Otto Storage Stools.

Read Michelle’s Brand Ambassador Interview here

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Danielle from @hotmessteaching

Georgia based Danielle has been teaching for half a decade and this year 50+ new students will join her for an exciting year of ELA and Social Studies. 

She has made the transition to flexible seating last year and in her own words “it has transformed her classroom and the learning of her students.” 

We’re looking forward to hearing all about it!

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